The Most Comprehensive Data on Business Software all in one Place

Our in-depth Product Scorecards and Category Reports collect and analyze the most meticulous data on business software. We display these insights using state of the art data visualization that is easy to digest and share, so you can make the most informed decision—with confidence.

The Benefits

Access all the data

Our reports provide you and your team with every bit of detailed data on the software you’re considering, summarized and displayed all in one place so you can do your research faster.

Understand it easily

Cutting-edge data visualization helps you understand and digest large amounts of data at a glance, and helps you make a convincing case to stakeholders.

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We Offer Two Types of Reports

Get information on a specific product, or compare products across a category.

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Product Scorecard

A comprehensive report on a specific software product, aggregating feedback from real IT professionals and business leaders.

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Cr selector

Category Report

A thorough evaluation and ranking of all software in an individual category to compare software across every dimension.

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Unique and Insightful Data to Help you Choose

Ps 001

Net Promoter Score

The industry standard net promoter score captures high level customer loyalty and satisfaction.


Planned Renewal Rates

See why clients left which previous vendors and their average increase or decrease in satisfaction with that move.


Feature and Vendor Capability Ratings

Comprehensive ratings of the product and vendor, across 11 features and 11 capabilities respectively.

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Version and Module Satisfaction Levels

Detailed satisfaction ratings and adoption rates of modules and versions of the software.


Comparsions sliced by Organization Size, Usage and Role

Ensure a right-sized solution for your use case by slicing the data by company size, usage, and role.


Individual Comments and Recommendations from Users

Read full reviews from real IT professional containing unedited data and real user quotes.