Unified Communications as a Service

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) software delivers communication services on a single unified platform over the cloud. Software features include email, video conferencing, chat/instant messaging, collaboration, and file sharing. Sometimes referred to as Unified Communications (UC) or Unified Communications & Collaboration (UC&C).

The Data Quadrant is a thorough evaluation and ranking of all software in an individual category to compare platforms across multiple dimensions.

These include:

  • User Satisfaction Rankings
  • Business Value Scores
  • Vendor Capability Comparisons
  • Product Feature Evaluations

The Emotional Footprint is a powerful indicator of overall user sentiment toward the relationship with the vendor, capturing data across five dimensions.

These include:

  • Strategy and Innovation
  • Service Experience
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Product Impact
  • Negotiation and Contract

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Powered by Info-Tech Research Group

Latest Research

Satisfaction With Software Drops With COVID-19 Uncertainty
April 24, 2020

The impact of COVID-19, as it became a global pandemic in Q1 of 2020, has affected user sentiment toward software during a growing period of fear, uncertainty, and doubt. To analyze the impact, SoftwareReviews compared Satisfaction (willingness to recommend to a peer), ability to deliver Business Value (fair cost to value), and Likeliness to Renew prior to March 10 and post March 10.

Author: Joel Martin (Info-Tech)

Microsoft Announces Updates to Firstline Worker Plans
March 31, 2020

Microsoft announces the addition of a new plan and changes to its Firstline Worker plans. The new M365 plan will slot in below the current Firstline Worker plan.

Author: Ted Walker (Info-Tech)

Cisco Announces New Hardware Webex Room USB
February 21, 2020

In this third brief of four on Cisco’s January launch of upcoming collaboration solutions in 2020, I look at Cisco’s new hardware Webex Room USB.

Author: Thomas Randall (Info-Tech)

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Data QuadrantReport

A thorough evaluation and ranking of all software to compare software across every dimension.

Emotional FootprintReport

A detailed and unique report that captures a powerful indicator of overall user feeling toward the vendor and product.

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Cisco Systems

Cisco Unified Communications

Cisco's unified communications provides call-control & flexible platforms, applications and telephony extensions.


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