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Our Mission

The software experience has changed. The importance of software in driving business success is greater than ever before and the software selection process is increasingly complex. We believe that the people, process, and technology must equally factor into a software provider choice.

That is where SoftwareReviews comes in. Our mission is to improve the B2B software experience for both buyers and providers. We believe this can be achieved when everyone has access to the right information to make better decisions.

Our Story

SoftwareReviews evolved from our parent company, Info-Tech Research Group and its 25+ years of experience researching technology markets and advising technology leaders with practical, how-to guidance.

From Info-Tech's beginning, we've learned firsthand from our client “members” about their challenges and experiences with software purchasing and implementation.

Through our engagement with buyers, SoftwareReviews realized a gap in the market for a simplified yet data-driven approach to compare and select the right software. By introducing a unique customer survey methodology, focused on asking the right questions and capturing the right information to indicate long-term satisfaction, we bring an unparalleled perspective to the software selection process.

Our analysts leverage raw data and customer sentiment from surveys to identify actionable insights to facilitate the software selection process for buyers and guide software providers on how they can improve their product features, marketing strategy, and customer experience.


  • 2017

    Introduced first ever experience-centric software evaluation - Data Quadrant, Emotional Footprint, and Product Scorecard reports

  • 2018

    Launched software selection services for Info-Tech Research Group client “Members”

  • 2019

    Began generating “Voice of the Customer” content based on survey data

  • 2020

    Introduced software selection services for any organization

  • 2021

    Introduced marketing research and advisory services for software providers

  • 2022

    Launch of Technology Marketing Management Framework and new research portal for software providers

What Makes SoftwareReviews Different

In every aspect of what we deliver, 'experience' is our common denominator. To compare and select software effectively, you need to understand the full experience of working with a specific provider — a complete assessment across customer relationship, product impact, conflict resolution, negotiation, and service experience.

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  • The Most In-Depth Data

    The most comprehensive evaluation of the software experience, sourced exclusively from end users, encompasses over 130 data points for each product.

  • Experience-based Reviews

    The SoftwareReviews Emotional Footprint is the industry's only experience-focused assessment of software providers.

  • The Best Visualization

    The industry's best data visualizations give you more than just the standard insights to compare providers.

  • Grounded in Research

    Our trusted resources, tools, and expert analyst advice are based on over 25 years of practical experience with end users and provide peace of mind that our selection methodologies work.

  • Outcome-focused

    We focus on improving customer outcomes and can optimize your software selection for functional or enterprise needs.

Who We Serve

Software Buyers

Discover the best business software with our comprehensive reviews, rankings, and data-driven reports.

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Software Providers

Unlock customer feedback and analyst advice to grow and scale your business.

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“Optimizing our software selection process will save us almost one month of time this year. Our team feels more confident engaging with vendors and suppliers after partnering with SoftwareReviews.”
Johann Blasis Head of Architecture & Technology, Advanzia Bank
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