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Data Quadrant

Master Data Management

May 27, 2020

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Emotional Footprint

Marketing Management

May 27, 2020

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Web Analytics

May 25, 2020

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Payroll Software

May 21, 2020

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May 20, 2020

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The World Has Changed, Has Your
Approach to Software Selection Kept Up?

  • Explosion of SAAS Vendors and Technology Categories

    Impossible to keep up with pace of change and available options

  • Scaling Demand to Deploy Technology

    Growth of rogue and shadow IT

  • Antiquated ERP Software Selection Methods

    Long, painfully inefficient selection processes

  • Sprawling Incompatible Software Portfolio

    Portfolio overlap, inefficiency, and support and integration costs

Accelerate and Improve Your
Software Selection Process

  • Utilize our tier based selection process
  • 18-Step framework to select better software, faster
  • Align stakeholders and rapidly reach a better selection outcome
  • Optimize the process you use to improve the outcome

Fact-Based, Comprehensive,
Unbiased Technology Reviews

  • Utilize fact-based evaluation and comparison data to differentiate vendors
  • Save time duplicating existing market research
  • Utilize a comprehensive data set
  • Don’t rely on gut instinct, "magic," or a simple five star rating and comment
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Better, Faster, Cheaper
Measurably Improved
Selection Results

  • Reduce the time it takes to make a software selection decision
  • Improve application satisfaction and alignment
  • Save money from the initially quoted list price
  • Spend time on high impact, high value selection activities

Insight and Data Visualization That Keeps Your Selection Team Aligned

  • Provide stakeholders with a clear selection process and graphical reports
  • Utilize focus groups to accelerate the selection process and build an aligned view of the marketplace
  • Save time on tedious demos and focus on key issues
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  • Founded in 1997 with 22 years of experience helping Enterprises with software selection
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  • 40,000 members
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Premium Reports Available Now at No Cost

Data Quadrant Report

  • Captures data from all vendors
  • Measures 11 common Vendor Capabilities
  • Compares unique Product Features for the category
  • Comparative rankings for all data points
  • Awards Gold Medalists in data quadrant

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Emotional Footprint Report

  • Captures data from all vendors
  • Focuses on 25 Emotional Footprint data points across five categories
  • Awards Champions in Emotional Footprint

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Product Scorecards

  • Deep dive on one vendor only
  • Over 100 data points on each vendor
  • Includes feature, customer engagement, discounting, and segmentation information
  • Reports available for all vendors in the quadrant

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Comprehensive software reviews to make better IT decisions

We collect and analyze the most detailed reviews on enterprise software from real users to give you an unprecedented view into the product and vendor before you buy

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Fact-based reviews of business software from IT professionals

Top-tier data quality backed by a rigorous quality assurance process

Product and category reports with state of the art data visualization

User experience insight that reveals the intangibles of working with a vendor

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SoftwareReviews: Services Built for the Enterprise

Technology coverage is a priority for Info-Tech, and SoftwareReviews provides the most comprehensive unbiased data on today's technology. Combined with the insight of our expert analysts, our members receive unparalleled support in their buying journey.

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