Comprehensive software reviews to make better IT decisions

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What We Do

We collect and analyze the most detailed reviews on enterprise software.

Data from real users gives you an unprecedented view into products and vendors before you buy.

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How We're Different

Map software by product and vendor experience.

The software experience is shaped by both the software and the relationship with the vendor. By comparing vendors across both we provide a comprehensive understanding of the product and help identify vendors that can deliver.

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Find out which vendors are loved and which are hated.

Our unique Emotional Footprint measures high-level user sentiment towards the client-vendor relationship and product effectiveness. While purchasing decisions shouldn’t be based on emotions, it’s important to know what you’re getting into.

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Compare dollars spent to business value.

Your department is on a budget and you need to make every dollar count. Before you break the bank, see what real users think about if the software will deliver the business value you are paying for.

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Monitor customer retention.

The software marketplace is massive with endless alternatives. By monitoring the user flow between competitors we can show you who is staying, leaving, where they’re going, and even how they feel about their new software. 

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Get satisfaction data on the entire software lifecycle.

Owning and operating software is a lot more than just procurement. Our reviews cover the entirety of the software lifecycle giving you insight into every step, so you can be more prepared for negotiations, ensure a smooth integration, know what to expect from support, and get ready for renewal season.

Verified reviews from real users. We checked.

Data quality is paramount. That’s why we bend over backwards to ensure that the data we are collecting is actually from experienced users, so you can trust it and make decisions with confidence.

  • Reviewers are verified through LinkedIn to ensure they are real professionals with the software experience they claim.
  • Every review is thoroughly checked for authenticity through a robust QA process.
  • Dynamic reviews adapt according to the reviewer's role and experience, avoiding inaccurate guesses.