Data Center Automation

Data Center Automation is the automation of the processes and workflow of data center operations, including the management, maintenance, and monitoring tasks involved in maintaining operations of a data center environment.​

The Data Quadrant is a thorough evaluation and ranking of all software in an individual category to compare platforms across multiple dimensions.

These include:

  • User Satisfaction Rankings
  • Business Value Scores
  • Vendor Capability Comparisons
  • Product Feature Evaluations
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The Emotional Footprint is a powerful indicator of overall user sentiment toward the relationship with the vendor, capturing data across five dimensions.

These include:

  • Strategy and Innovation
  • Service Experience
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Product Impact
  • Negotiation and Contract
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Powered by Info-Tech Research Group

Latest Research

Ayehu Announces Collaboration With Automation Anywhere
March 24, 2020

Ayehu announced that it will be collaborating with Automation Anywhere, a robotic process automation (RPA) solution provider. This collaboration is a complementary marriage of opposites with the potential to benefit both vendors.

Author: Derek Shank (Info-Tech)

Will Ansible Push Chef and Puppet Out of the Configuration Management Market?
January 08, 2020

Ansible from RedHat has steadily gained market share since its introduction and has now surpassed its two main rivals (underscoring how quickly things change in DevOps). Will Ansible push Chef and Puppet out of the open-source configuration management tool market?

Author: Alex Ciraco (Info-Tech)

Ayehu Enables Custom Activities
December 17, 2019

In its latest release, Ayehu has enabled users to create custom activities. This marks a significant shift in Ayehu’s product strategy.

Author: Derek Shank (Info-Tech)

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Data QuadrantReport

A thorough evaluation and ranking of all software to compare software across every dimension.

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Emotional FootprintReport

A detailed and unique report that captures a powerful indicator of overall user feeling toward the vendor and product.

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Micro Focus

Micro Focus Data Center Automation

Micro Focus Data Center Automation (DCA) detects and remediates patch vulnerabilities; regulatory and enterprise compliance risks across servers, databases and middleware. DCA proactively manages to policy-based objectives, with closed-loop remediation and exception handling.


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