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What is HubSpot ABM?

Hubspot ABM Software helps unite your marketing and sales teams with collaborative, intuitive ABM tools that create seamless buying experiences for your highest-value accounts. Getting your ABM strategy set up using HubSpot tools is intuitive and fast. Use workflow templates to define your ideal customer profiles and identify good-fit target accounts. Marketing and Sales can finally use shared tools that unite them around the same data, in the same place. HubSpot’s ABM tools help you personalize content and tailor how you engage with stakeholders within an account.

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Awards & Recognition

HubSpot ABM won the following awards in the Account-Based Marketing category

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HubSpot ABM Ratings

Real user data aggregated to summarize the product performance and customer experience.
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89 Likeliness to Recommend

Up 1
Since last award

92 Plan to Renew

Up 2
Since last award

85 Satisfaction of Cost Relative to Value

Up 1
Since last award

Emotional Footprint Overview

+84 Net Emotional Footprint

The emotional sentiment held by end users of the software based on their experience with the vendor. Responses are captured on an eight-point scale.

How much do users love HubSpot ABM?

4% Negative
9% Neutral
87% Positive


  • Fair
  • Performance Enhancing
  • Enables Productivity
  • Efficient Service

Feature Ratings

Average 85

Unified Sales and Marketing Funnel


Account-Based Advertising


Account Analytics & Measurement


Personalization/Audience Targeting


Team Alerts


Customer Journey Modelling


Multichannel Campaign Management


Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning


Vendor Capability Ratings

Average 82

Ease of Customization


Ease of Data Integration


Business Value Created


Ease of IT Administration


Availability and Quality of Training


Breadth of Features


Quality of Features


Product Strategy and Rate of Improvement


Usability and Intuitiveness


Vendor Support


Ease of Implementation


HubSpot ABM Reviews

Jay M.

  • Role: C-Level
  • Industry: Consulting
  • Involvement: Business Leader or Manager
Validated Review
Verified Reviewer

Submitted Sep 2023

Likeliness to Recommend

10 / 10


  • Helps Innovate
  • Continually Improving Product
  • Performance Enhancing
  • Effective Service

  • Role: Sales Marketing
  • Industry: Technology
  • Involvement: End User of Application
Validated Review
Anonymous Reviewer

Submitted Aug 2023

Innovative Account Targeting Platform

Likeliness to Recommend

8 / 10


  • Respectful
  • Continually Improving Product
  • Performance Enhancing
  • Efficient Service


  • Security Frustrates

Glenn C.

  • Role: Operations
  • Industry: Technology
  • Involvement: Initial Implementation
Validated Review
Verified Reviewer

Submitted Jun 2023

HubSpot continues to never disappoint

Likeliness to Recommend

9 / 10

What differentiates HubSpot ABM from other similar products?

Ease of use and 24/7 unlimited customer support

What is your favorite aspect of this product?

Ease of use and automation

What do you dislike most about this product?

Customizing user interface to look less noisy for sales

What recommendations would you give to someone considering this product?

HubSpot continues to improve its capabilities and is becoming a platform that can be utilized even by large enertprises


  • Helps Innovate
  • Continually Improving Product
  • Trustworthy
  • Efficient Service

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