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Choosing the right software for your business is hard. SoftwareReviews has 20+ years’ experience helping organizations evaluate and select software. Our tools and best practices increase software adoption and maximize your return on investment.

Our proven framework, used by 50,000+ software buyers, is designed to help your business align on requirements, make selections that drive your business forward, and secure the best deal possible when negotiating software contracts.

“Not only was I able to bring fairness to our software evaluation process, but I also feel confident that I can defend our purchase decisions in the future.”

-Qing Liu, CIO, Oregon Public Utility Commission

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Software Selection Engagement

Five Advisory Calls Over a Five-Week Period to Accelerate Your Selection Process

  • Expert analyst guidance over five weeks on average to select and negotiate software
  • Save money, align stakeholders, speed up the process, and make better decisions
  • Use a repeatable, formal methodology to improve your application selection process

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5






1 hour call
Weekly Advisory Touchpoint
Phase 1
1 hour call
Weekly Advisory Touchpoint
Phase 2
Education & Discovery
1 hour call
Weekly Advisory Touchpoint
Phase 3
1 hour call
Weekly Advisory Touchpoint
Phase 4
1 hour call
Weekly Advisory Touchpoint
Phase 5
Negotiation & Configuration

Explore our five-phase approach in detail

Software Selection Workshop

Rapid Application
Selection Workshop

For a more hands-on approach, we will work through a full selection project virtually, using our Rapid Application Selection Framework (RASF).

Traditional selection processes are long and complex, and they often do not guarantee success. The RASF reduces time on non-value-add activities while emphasizing what matters to you: business value, differentiating requirements, and contract terms.

The virtual workshop is a 40-hour process delivered over six to eight weeks, designed to select most commodity-level applications. Led by our expert facilitators, we will work collaboratively through the process of selecting the best solution for your organization.

Software Selection Consulting

For more complex application decisions, we offer full-service Vendor Selection consulting services.

Our consulting services team brings a research-backed, unbiased approach to your enterprise application selection project. Our team consists of experts in facilitation and documentation to help guide you through our structured approach to select your best fit software.

  • Build business case for change
  • Evaluate current and target state processes
  • Build consensus on priority functionality
  • Document and prioritize requirements
  • Build and manage RFP lifecycle
  • Final analysis and recommendations


  • Evaluate technical capabilities, key pain points, and challenges
  • Provide insight with technology market overview analysis, leveraging SoftwareReviews data
  • Recommend strategic direction
  • Document functional and non-functional requirements
  • Build business case to document cost/benefit and ROI


  • Prioritize requirements to prospective vendors
  • Develop RFI/RFQ/RFP drafts and measurements
  • Facilitate communication and Q&A with vendors and suppliers
  • Create demonstration scripts
  • Write evaluation framework
  • Facilitate vendor demos


  • Make unbiased, independent recommendations to inform end-state solution
  • Improve deal quality and engagement
  • Support negotiation strategy around cost, features, services, and support to maximize value of contract
  • Provide contract analysis

Downloadable Reports & Tools

Download our tools and reports to help launch your selection project at no cost to you. Simply register your request and our team of experts will contact you and walk you through our reports to ensure you have what you need to select the best software for you.

Data Quadrant Report

Comparison report of all vendors in the category. Focus is on features and vendor capabilities.

Emotional Footprint Report

Comparison report of all vendors in the category, emphasizing the relationship vendors have with their customers.

Product Scorecard

Detailed analysis on one vendor, comprising 130 data points including features, pricing, selection practices, and discounting behaviors.

Rapid Application Selection Framework

Our framework to guide your selection project. Use our methodology to successfully complete most selection projects in just one week.

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