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Choosing the right software for your business can be a difficult decision. SoftwareReviews has a series of tools to help you through your selection journey, based on Info-Tech Research Group's 25 years of helping organizations select software.

Our comprehensive set of tools and services to help you make the best decision, faster, completely tailored to the support you need. Choose the service that is right for you.

Download Reports & Tools

Access our detailed reports and selection methodologies to support your selection process.

  • Data Quadrant Report
  • Emotional Footprint Report
  • Product Reports
  • Rapid Application Selection Framework

Cost: Free

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Guided Selection Support

Partner with one of our industry experts to guide you through the selection process over the phone. During this process we will:

  • Provide training on our selection process
  • Help define top requirements
  • Give a market overview of top vendors
  • Navigate you to a shortlist of vendors

Includes 5 hours of analyst time
Cost: $2,500

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Selection Workshop

For a more hands on approach, leverage our virtual workshop leading you through the full selection process.

  • Build a rapid business case
  • Capture and prioritize requirements
  • Shortlist and select top choices
  • Help with contract negotiation

Includes 50 hours of analyst time
Cost: $16,000

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Software Selection Consulting

For your most complex decisions, we offer full selection service. All projects customized to your specific needs:

  • Business process design
  • Strategy & alignments
  • Business case development
  • Software Selection
  • Contract negotiation

Cost: Custom

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Contract Review & Negotiation

Leverage the power of 1000s of contract reviews to ensure you receive the best terms and the best price.

  • Review key terms
  • Protect against business and technology risk
  • Optimize licensing strategy
  • Pricing and discounting comparisons

Cost: $2,500

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Downloadable Reports & Tools

Download our tools and reports to help launch your selection project at no cost to you. Simply register your request and our team of experts will contact you, walk you through our reports to ensure you have what you need to select the best software for you.


Comparison report of all vendors in the category. Focus is on features and vendor capabilities.


Comparison report of all vendors in the category, emphasizing the relationship vendors have with their customers.


Details analysis on one vendor, comprising of over 130 data points, from features, pricing, to selection practices and discounting behaviors.


Our framework to guide your selection project. Use our methodology to successfully complete most selection projects in just one week.

Guided Selection Support

For additional support, leverage our team of analysts and industry experts to help guide you through your selection project. Our experts have decades of experience in software selection, and will work with you through a series of calls and presentation, taking you through each step of the process.

This package includes

  • 6 hours of analyst time
  • All SoftwareReviews Category and Product reports
  • Associated Info-Tech Research Group research, including selection guides, and application strategy blueprints
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Call #1:
Selection Process Walkthrough

Review the RASF process to ensure you are equipped to guide your team through a formalized selection process.

Outcomes of the call:
  • Understand each of the steps involved in the RASF
  • Plan for all subsequent activities

Timing: 1 hour

Call #2:
Stakeholder Alignment

Begin your project with a solid understanding of the business context surrounding the selection project.

Outcomes of the call:
  • Map the application back to value it provides to the business
  • Capture the top requirements unique to your organization
  • Prioritize functionality

Timing: 1 hour

Call #3:
Market Understanding

Receive a detailed walkthrough of our reports, highlighting strengths and weaknesses of top vendors.

Outcomes of the call:
  • Understand the key functionality in market today
  • Review satisfaction drivers
  • Discuss the vendor experience
  • Shortlist your top choices

Timing: 1 hour

Call #4:
Recommendation and Set up Demo

Select your top two choices, based on your business needs and SoftwareReviews data.

Outcomes of the call:
  • Build vendor scripts
  • Review proposals

Timing: 2 hours

Rapid Application
Selection Workshop

For a more hands-on approach, we will work through a full selection project virtually, using our Rapid Application Selection Framework (RASF) methodology.

Traditional selection processes are long, complex, and often do not guarantee success. The RASF reduces time on non value add activities, while emphasizing what matters to you: business value, differentiating requirements, and contract terms.

The virtual workshop is a 50 hour process delivered over 6-8 weeks, designed to select most commodity level applications. Led by our expert facilitators, we will work collaboratively through the process of selecting the best solution for your organization.

Software Selection Consulting

For more complex application decisions, we offer a full service Vendor Selection consulting services.

Our consulting services team brings a research backed, unbiased approach to your enterprise application selection project. Our team are experts in facilitation and documentation, to help guide you through our structured approach to select your best fit software.

  • Build business case for change
  • Evaluate current and target state processes
  • Build consensus on priority functionality
  • Document and prioritize requirements
  • Build and manage RFP lifecycle
  • Final analysis and recommendations


  • Evaluate technical capabilities, key pain points and challenges
  • Provide insight with technology market overview analysis, leveraging SoftwareReviews data
  • Recommend strategic direction
  • Document functional and non-functional requirements
  • Build business case to document cost/benefit and ROI


  • Prioritize requirements to prospective vendors
  • Develop RFI/RFQ/RFP drafts and measurements
  • Facilitate communication and Q&A with vendors and suppliers
  • Create demonstration scripts
  • Write evaluation framework
  • Facilitate vendor demos


  • Make unbiased, independent recommendations to inform end-state solution
  • Improve deal quality and engagement
  • Support negotiation strategy around cost, features, services and support to maximize value or contract
  • Provide contract analysis

Contract Review and Negotiation

Understanding what to look for and why in your technology contracts is essential to protecting both your business and your budgets.

We help validate that a contract meets the business’ needs by looking beyond the legal terminology, using a practical set of questions, rules, and guidance to improve your value for dollar spent.

  • Are all the key terms included?
  • Are they applicable to your business?
  • Can you trust that results will be delivered?
  • What questions should you be asking from an IT perspective?
  • Does the licensing model align to your goals and strategy?

Finally, we will help you get the best price, assessing whether you are getting a fair deal based on comparisons in your category. We have saved our customers ten’s of millions of dollars, by ensuring you have the right terms and licensing model.

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