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ReClique CORE

8.8 / 10

What is ReClique CORE?

CORE is a robust solution for the Y that centralizes multiple products into one package. Fundraising is fully integrated with membership management. You get text-to-give, mobile donations and customized campaigner pages. Directors can even receive a text when a large donor checks in. A powerful FREE website for your Association is built in. CORE can integrate with your current website or we now offer a fully integrated, mobile friendly, Y branded website that can replace your existing site.

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ReClique CORE Ratings

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88 Likeliness to Recommend

93 Plan to Renew

85 Satisfaction of Cost Relative to Value

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+97 Net Emotional Footprint

The emotional sentiment held by end users of the software based on their experience with the vendor. Responses are captured on an eight-point scale.

How much do users love ReClique CORE?

0% Negative
7% Neutral
93% Positive


  • Reliable
  • Performance Enhancing
  • Enables Productivity
  • Trustworthy

Feature Ratings

Average 82

Customer Self Service Capabilities


Membership Management


Registration Management


Program Management


Multi Channel Support


Account and Contact Management


Volunteer or Member Portal


Marketing Analytics


Mobile Customer Care


Event Management


Accounting and Financial Management


Vendor Capability Ratings

Average 84

Ease of IT Administration


Vendor Support


Usability and Intuitiveness


Ease of Customization


Ease of Data Integration


Business Value Created


Ease of Implementation


Quality of Features


Product Strategy and Rate of Improvement


Breadth of Features


Availability and Quality of Training


ReClique CORE Reviews

Jeni L.

  • Role: Operations
  • Industry: Other
  • Involvement: Business Leader or Manager
Validated Review
Verified Reviewer

Submitted Dec 2020

The best software for YMCAs on the market!

Likeliness to Recommend

10 / 10

What differentiates ReClique CORE from other similar products?

Reclique was the only company we found that was honest, transparent, and not trying to make a quick buck off of YMCAs. They are willing to work with us on any problems/ideas we have. The software is extremely easy to use for both our employees and our members. When we shut down due to the COVID pandemic, Core was quick to add features to allow our members to make reservations. The best part, they didn't charge us extra for ANY OF IT!

What is your favorite aspect of this product?

The bubble has to be my favorite feature. Anyone in our association can reach out to someone at Reclique and they will help within seconds.

What do you dislike most about this product?

It is hard to find a disklike about Core. If you really don't like something, you ask them to make changes or find ways around the parts you dislike.

What recommendations would you give to someone considering this product?

You will not regret switching over to Reclique Core. Do your research and reach out to other associations, you will realize it is difficult to find anyone with a negative experience.


  • Helps Innovate
  • Continually Improving Product
  • Reliable
  • Performance Enhancing