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ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager (ESM)

8.1 / 10

What is ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager (ESM)?

Tackle cyber threats in real time by using powerful, scalable, and efficient SIEM security software.

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ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) Ratings

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75 Likeliness to Recommend

100 Plan to Renew

77 Satisfaction of Cost Relative to Value

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90% Positive


  • Enables Productivity
  • Unique Features
  • Client Friendly Policies
  • Altruistic

Feature Ratings

Average 82

Security Threat Visibility


Data Security and Retention


Incident Management and Remediation


Analytics and Reporting


Threat Intelligence


Log Collection




Forensic Analysis Support


Big Data Analytics


Scalability and Network Performance


Data Enrichment


Vendor Capability Ratings

Average 79

Ease of Data Integration


Availability and Quality of Training


Breadth of Features


Product Strategy and Rate of Improvement


Usability and Intuitiveness


Ease of IT Administration


Vendor Support


Quality of Features


Business Value Created


Ease of Implementation


Ease of Customization


ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) Reviews

Rasitha A.

  • Role: Information Technology
  • Industry: Technology
  • Involvement: Vendor Selection and Purchasing
Validated Review
Verified Reviewer

Submitted Jul 2022

It offers very powerful features for SIEM.

Likeliness to Recommend

8 / 10

What differentiates ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) from other similar products?

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What is your favorite aspect of this product?

ArcSight has made great investments around opening up its architecture, embedding analytics, and unlocking the capability of the SIEMPowerful distribute. We’ve never had the ability to solve use cases across users, apps and data the way we do today. It has features that provide great flexibility on logs. My favorite feature is the trend report. With this feature, real-time logs over the logs of the report to match the results of the report with a different database to get instant reports to access the report provide quick access.Very powerful SIEM with plenty of predefined corellation scenarios.Could be integrate easily with almost everything

What do you dislike most about this product?

May be incase for new users could be a little difficult to play with, but there are a lot of training materials and courses. Any big organization and large products which gather logs sometimes have problems with troubleshooting issues that is little bit hard for big organization.

What recommendations would you give to someone considering this product?

It offers very powerful features for SIEM & ESM's log supporting surface is very high and almost all the types of logs are supported which is one of the best features of the tool.


  • Helps Innovate
  • Continually Improving Product
  • Reliable
  • Performance Enhancing