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Banking & Finance

November 29, 2019 Finastra Launches Securities Financing Transaction Regulation Support

Finastra launches securities financing transaction regulation (SFTR) support ahead of the European Union’s April 11, 2020 deadline.

July 04, 2019 Three Global Banks Sign Up for Finastra’s Blockchain-Based LenderComm

Three global banks launched a blockchain-based platform to bring the promise of open ledgers and contracts to the loan management market.

July 04, 2019 Feeling Insecure at Wolters Kluwer After Security Breach

Wolters Kluwer suffers security breach after poor security management.

Engineering & Construction

November 25, 2020 How to Stop Leaving Software CapEx on the Table With Agile and DevOps

Traditional accounting practices are tailor made for waterfall project management. Organizations that have transitioned to the use of standing product teams using Agile and DevOps need to transform their accounting practices as well or they will leave valuable capital expenditure dollars on the table.

June 25, 2020 Scaling Agile – Essential for Your Organization

So you’ve gone Agile. You do daily scrums, retrospectives, and all the “right” Agile ceremonies. But still your organization isn’t quite convinced. It is now critical to balance the drivers and goals of both Agile and traditional thinking in order to achieve organizational success.

June 15, 2020 Scrum Destroyed the Product Owner Role

When trying to implement Agile as a defined process, Scrum turned BAs or other roles into order takers with the title “product owner.” This undermines the entire value proposition of product management.

Gaming and Hospitality

May 13, 2021 Data-Informed Decisions to Increase Revenue With IDeaS’ G3 Revenue Management System

IDeaS’ G3 revenue management solution will be highly sought after by properties looking to leverage data to make informed pricing decisions.

August 07, 2020 Bosch’s INTEOX positioned as “First Fully Open Camera Platform”

Bosch’s release of its INTEOX camera solution moves beyond the legacy “closed circuit” model of surveillance infrastructure to a Camera-as-a-Platform (CaaP) approach, enabling third-party apps at the surveillance perimeter edge to create innovative video-based business solutions and decisions.

July 17, 2020 Milestone Enhances XProtect to Include Centralized Search and Additional New Features

Milestone Systems’ recently announced 2019R3 and 2020R1 software releases introduce several new features and capabilities to its XProtect video management software and related Smart Client.


July 23, 2020 HHS and IHS Formalize Roadmap for IHS RPMS and HIT Modernization

The US Department of Health and Human Services and the Indian Health Service (IHS) have formalized an overarching plan to support improved clinical and nonclinical operations across IHS, Tribal, and Urban healthcare facilities through RPMS EHR and HIT modernization.

July 16, 2020 Experian eCare NEXT Connects Revenue Cycle Management and Clinical Workflows

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, healthcare organizations are looking for ways to expand digital patient care options. Patient management systems like Experian’s eCare NEXT help providers connect new digital clinical workflows to established workflows and revenue cycles.

July 16, 2020 MEDITECH Successfully Completes Its First Virtual EHR Implementation

COVID-19 has disrupted critical healthcare projects and implementation plans. Despite the considerable challenges faced by many healthcare organizations MEDITECH has been working with them to shift to virtual EHR implementations.

Learning & Education

October 26, 2020 Can Data-Driven Student Retention Strategies Make an Impact?

Student retention, already a major concern at higher education institutions, is an even greater concern as students are unable to learn in person and on campus.

April 22, 2020 State of Major Education LMS Conferences in Wake of COVID-19

Some major LMS conference cancellations or online alternatives have been announced in an attempt to limit the spread of COVID-19, though not all have canceled.

April 15, 2020 Online Learning Rises in Response to COVID-19

As the world responds to the spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19, closed schools in some affected areas are turning to eLearning and web conferencing to maintain continuity in course delivery and/or studying.

Legal Services

February 08, 2023 Zoho Announces Trident to Power Workplace’s UCaaS Capabilities

Zoho, a multinational software and web-based business tool provider, has announced the launch of Trident – a hub that brings Zoho’s pre-existing and new unified communications capabilities into a single pane of glass. How will Trident’s addition to Workplace impact customer migrations from Microsoft and Google.

February 01, 2023 Next-Gen EDR/MDR/XDR – Field Effect Covalence

Field Effect Covalence is an EDR/MDR/XDR offering that translates chaos into order.

January 26, 2023 Will Avaya’s Five-Step Transformation Strategy Generate a Stronger Outlook for 2023?

To revitalize and strengthen business transformation, Avaya has outlined a five-step plan for restructuring its product lines, go-to-market strategy, and balance sheet. This tech note evaluates these five steps, highlighting the main contingencies for each step’s successful rollout.


October 24, 2019 JDA Integrates Workforce and Warehouse Labor Management Software Functions to Deliver Value in the Warehouse

JDA’s Workforce Management and Warehouse Labor Management software functions are now offered in an integrated manner to drive productivity gains in the warehouse.

July 23, 2019 Supply Chain Visibility and Global Trade Management Come Together With E2open and Amber Road

A powerful combination of supply chain visibility and global trade management is now available through E2open and its acquisition of Amber Road software.

July 18, 2019 SAP Partners Up With Uber Freight to Bring the Freight Industry to the Next Level of Automation and Better the Environment

SAP and Uber Freight are taking on a joint venture to integrate Uber Freight into SAP Logistics Business Network. The goal is to simplify load management and execution by enabling customers to leverage transportation rates from the Uber Freight network of reliable drivers. As a positive “side effect,” better utilization of unused trucks can make a positive impact on environment. For those looking for a convincing reason to go with one supply chain management system or ERP vendor over the other, this might be it.

Public Sector/Government

July 19, 2019 Not Your Parents’ GIS

Visually presenting data assists the public understanding of complex issues. Using GIS mapping tools is an effective way of layering data from various source for quantitative analysis.

May 01, 2019 Esri Advances Its Development Platform

Esri made several big announcements at its Developer Summit in Palm Springs, CA, in March 2019. ArcGIS for Developers is a suite of developer tools and resources specifically for the creation of web-based and native applications.

May 01, 2019 Insights for CIOs From Esri’s Public Sector CIO Summit

Esri recently hosted the sixth annual Public Sector CIO Summit. Key topics included the role of emerging technology, emerging trends like location intelligence and smart cities, and the need to create “wins” to demonstrate IT’s value.


August 07, 2020 Integration Capabilities Will Drive Restaurant Operators’ Selection of Restaurant Manager’s POS System

POS system purchases are being driven by ease of integration. Identified as having the most satisfying of all POS systems when it comes to integration, Restaurant Manager displays that it understands the needs of restaurant operators.

August 07, 2020 Silverware POS Unveils Contactless Phone-to-Table Guest Dining Experiences

As pick-up/takeout has been the only operating option for restaurants for the last few months, Silverware’s release of its “In-Seat Contactless Platform” will assist COVID-19 “new normal” restaurants to deploy mobile-first, phone-to-table contactless features that were once a convenience but are now features of necessity.

July 20, 2020 PARk it Can Make Restaurants POS-Digital in 24 Hours

As COVID-19 swept across the globe, many food and beverage operators were forced to switch to pick-up or delivery methods only. PAR’s novel solution PARk it supplies operators with a mobile method to continue serving their customers during this time.


August 23, 2019 Offsetting the Cost of Car Ownership With Metromile and Turo

Many people are challenged by the economic constraints of car ownership. Rising vehicle prices, registration fees, automobile insurance, ongoing maintenance, fuel, and parking fees can bleed people dry. In response, technology companies are developing innovative ways to offset the costs.

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