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Supply Chain Visibility and Global Trade Management Come Together With E2open and Amber Road

The acquisition of Amber Road is now finalized, which makes Amber Road a privately held subsidiary of E2open. The combination of E2open’s supply chain solutions with Amber Road’s global trade management creates a powerful and differentiated offering that will allow customers to execute their end-to-end supply chain strategies globally from one cloud solution.

The new combined offering will provide customers with trade information that will support decision making and lower costs. Furthermore, the new offering will automate import and export processes and transactions. For example, duties calculations and free trade agreement information will be provided in an automated fashion to help users improve margins. The overall benefit of the new offering will be the ability for customers to take advantage of the supply chain digitization and build competencies to help them compete at a global level.

SoftwareReviews tracks the supply chain management software space, which includes well-established ERP vendors that offer an integrated supply chain solution such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, and SAS. Furthermore, SoftwareReviews has launched a service where users can review the software directly and currently E2open and Amber Road are included. Other Supply Chain vendors included are Ultriva, Syncron, Kinaxis, and Aptean. See SoftwareReviews Supply Chain Management, 2019.

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Our Take

The supply chain execution sector is fragmented and there is a number of best-of-breed offerings that organizations can consider when looking to expand or enhance their ERP systems or looking to satisfy an industry specific need. There will be more acquisitions as vendors look to provide the most functionality in a cloud-based environment. Consult SoftwareReviews regularly to stay current on the evolving supply chain software market.

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