Supply Chain & Logistics

October 24, 2019 JDA Integrates Workforce and Warehouse Labor Management Software Functions to Deliver Value in the Warehouse

JDA’s Workforce Management and Warehouse Labor Management software functions are now offered in an integrated manner to drive productivity gains in the warehouse.

August 23, 2019 Offsetting the Cost of Car Ownership With Metromile and Turo

Many people are challenged by the economic constraints of car ownership. Rising vehicle prices, registration fees, automobile insurance, ongoing maintenance, fuel, and parking fees can bleed people dry. In response, technology companies are developing innovative ways to offset the costs.

July 23, 2019 Supply Chain Visibility and Global Trade Management Come Together With E2open and Amber Road

A powerful combination of supply chain visibility and global trade management is now available through E2open and its acquisition of Amber Road software.

July 18, 2019 SAP Partners Up With Uber Freight to Bring the Freight Industry to the Next Level of Automation and Better the Environment

SAP and Uber Freight are taking on a joint venture to integrate Uber Freight into SAP Logistics Business Network. The goal is to simplify load management and execution by enabling customers to leverage transportation rates from the Uber Freight network of reliable drivers. As a positive “side effect,” better utilization of unused trucks can make a positive impact on environment. For those looking for a convincing reason to go with one supply chain management system or ERP vendor over the other, this might be it.

June 18, 2019 Anaplan Is Not the Only Vendor to Benefit From the Growing Need for Intelligent Business Planning

Multibillion-dollar firms still primarily use spreadsheets for demand forecasting, but this approach leaves a lot of room for enterprise software vendors to displace manual work with solutions better suited for large enterprises, and hence gain significant revenue in this space.