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Next-Gen EDR/MDR/XDR – Field Effect Covalence

What is Field Effect Covalence, what are the key enhancements featured, and why should you consider it?

Field Effect Covalence is an EDR/MDR/XDR solution that is designed to drive positive business outcomes and to work seamlessly across technology environments.

Feature lists of various MDR (managed detection & response) offerings can make it seem like they are all providing the same coverage, but the key variable is which portion of the threat surface the MDR service is targeting. In contrast to an “MDR” that is simply managed EDR (endpoint detection & response), Covalence takes a Hybrid MDR approach. In a single solution, customers get protection across endpoints, network, and cloud workloads. Because everything was designed to work together holistically, customers get more accurate results without alert overload and get better protection overall.

This Hybrid MDR is ideal for the under-served small to mid-sized enterprise (SME) market, as it consolidates multiple solutions into one, offering the best protection at a reasonable price point. Perhaps the most valuable outcome of Covalence is the single dashboard that delivers straightforward, easy-to-consume information designed for the SME or managed service provider (MSP).

Field Effect’s Covalence Platform offering has been built on the following four principal fundamentals:

  1. Easy Setup – Deploy, manage, and access easily with minimal setup time, regardless of your IT or cybersecurity expertise.
  2. Comprehensive Monitoring & Protection – Secure your network, devices, and cloud-based applications with one platform. The built-in DNS firewall ensures safe web browsing and internet access by blocking connections to malicious websites.
  3. Dedicated Security Advice & Support – The in-context concierge service offering provides customers with on-demand help when dealing with an anomaly, leveraging dedicated, experienced cybersecurity analysts who deliver personalized support, technical advice, and security strategy recommendations.
  4. Clear, Relevant Threat and Risk Alerts – Actions, Recommendations, and Observations (AROs, the proprietary Covalence approach) are summarized into relevant threat data in a simplified, prioritized, actionable reporting format, enabling administrators to be more competent. The proprietary approach is meant to reduce false positives to show only the alerts that matter with the context needed to resolve them.

Powerful cyber protection across your entire business: with support for all major platforms—including server, desktop, and mobile operating systems—Covalence detects and resolves attacks and vulnerabilities on your endpoints.

Source: Field Effect

Covalence provides clear, near real-time, holistic endpoint/managed detection and response (EDR/MDR) for your IT teams in one platform to address threats and vulnerabilities.

Covalence delivers on three of the most beneficial cybersecurity capabilities recognized as critically important by enterprises (small and large):

  1. Endpoint threat sensor and monitoring
    • Support for Windows, Linux, and macOS.
    • Identification of lateral movement within a network.
    • Continuous analysis to identify software vulnerable to remote code execution.
    • Built-in Active Response capabilities (like network quarantine or process termination).
  2. Cloud Threat Detection
    • Coverage for a growing list of cloud platforms, including Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Dropbox, Box.com, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and more.
    • Visibility of active threats over cloud systems.
    • Detection of compromise to business email and Active Response in the cloud (e.g. disabling an account).
    • Built-in user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA).
    • Alerting on important security-related configuration changes.
  3. Full capture network sensor and monitoring
    • Threat intelligence-backed Indicators of Compromise (IOC) denylists.
    • Advanced packet inspection and threat detection.
    • Advanced anomaly and node behavior deviation detection.
    • Machine learning analytics to identify new and unknown anomalies.
    • Internet of Things device monitoring.
    • Packet capture and replay of network traffic in the event of a suspicious or confirmed incident.
    • Complete capture (bit-level) analysis.

Our Take

Due to the increased popularity of enterprises migrating resources and/or services to the cloud, Field Effect Covalence is the definitive cybersecurity solution – a simple, easy-to-deploy, and cost-effective technology agnostic platform that monitors and protects your entire IT environment, providing significant return on investment.