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Acronis: Exploring Core Features, Differentiators, and Security Considerations

Founded in Switzerland back in 2003, Acronis has carved a significant niche for itself in the data protection and cybersecurity landscape. The company boasts a global presence, operating in 40 countries with a dedicated workforce of 2,000 employees. Their dedication to research and development is evident with over $200 million invested in pure R&D in the last three years. This focus has yielded a robust intellectual property portfolio with over 170 patents issued and more pending.


Market Success and Reach

Acronis’ growth trajectory, particularly fueled by channel adoption (MSP, MSSP, VAR, Distributor), indicates a strong value proposition. Key metrics, such as a net retention rate exceeding 125%, speak to the platform’s effectiveness and customer loyalty. The company’s sizable client portfolio provides further validation of their solutions’ real-world utility.

Core Platform: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud stands as the centerpiece of their offerings. This integrated platform consolidates essential data protection, cybersecurity, and management functionalities under a single console. Its alignment with the NIST framework is notable, reflecting an adherence to industry best practices.

Key capabilities encompass:

  • Automated device discovery and agent deployment: Streamlines onboarding and management.
  • Inventory collection: Provides granular visibility for informed decisions.
  • Data compliance mapping: Assists with meeting regulatory obligations.
  • Integrated backup and recovery: Offers full-image and granular options, along with bare-metal restores. Differential and incremental backup modes optimize efficiency.


Differentiating Features

Acronis distinguishes itself with several innovative features:

  • ML-assisted backup validation: Uses AI to ensure backup integrity post boot.
  • Blockchain-based notarization: Enables tamper-proof assurance via an immutable ledger.
  • Proactive patching: Can patch over 300 applications, mitigating vulnerabilities during attacks.
  • Integrated DLP: Safeguards sensitive data, supporting regex-based classification.
  • Anti-tampering agent protection: Hardens defenses at the endpoint level.
  • AI-powered threat detection: Defends against traditional and evasive malware.
  • Automatic rollback: Nullifies ransomware effects without relying solely on shadow copies.
  • Threat intelligence and analytics: Leverages cyber protection operation centers (CPOC) insights and AI, aligning with the MITRE framework.
  • Integrated remediation options: Includes the ability to recover files from cache or cloud, initiate a complete machine rebuild (disaster recovery), patch vulnerabilities, and scan backups for malware from a single remediation interface.


Security-First Approach

Acronis emphasizes a holistic security posture, prioritizing both data protection and threat prevention. AES-256 encryption for data at rest, robust access controls, and secure remote assistance features contribute to this stance. Furthermore, their collaboration suite protection reinforces security in modern work environments.

Flexibility and Redundancy

Acronis’ support for a wide range of platforms, hypervisors, and both local and cloud storage (across 54 global data centers) demonstrates adaptability to diverse infrastructure needs. Their geo-redundant cloud model bolsters resilience in the face of single-site outages or natural disasters.

RTO and Beyond

Acronis recognizes that swift recovery is critical. Their solutions deliver best-in-class recovery time objectives (RTOs), minimizing downtime. Additionally, Universal Restore facilitates migration to dissimilar platforms, aiding in disaster recovery scenarios.

Looking Forward

Acronis’ sustained investment in innovation promises further enhancements. Anticipated features like container support signal a commitment to aligning with modern IT trends. Integration capabilities with popular RMM solutions streamline remediation for service providers. The launches of both MDR and XDR in 2024 also demonstrate continued commitment to offering its service provider partners advanced security options.


Acronis presents a compelling option for organizations seeking a comprehensive platform that merges reliable data protection with proactive cybersecurity measures. Their emphasis on automation, threat intelligence, and platform resilience reinforces their suitability for the increasingly complex threat landscape.


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