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Howdy Partner! Veeam and Nutanix Embrace Latest Partnership

Nutanix enterprise cloud computing and Veeam cloud data management will combine to deliver agile backup and replication. This is a smart strategy for the hardware agnostic vendor Veeam, looking to increase the stickiness of its product.

Nutanix Mine with Veeam will be sold by Nutanix and is currently undergoing beta testing with select customers. The goal of the partnership is to simplify the efforts required for organizations to protect workloads and associated data. This simplicity aims to allow IT shops to spend more time innovating rather than maintaining current infrastructure. Customers can plan, purchase, and manage their backup environment in conjunction with their production data center operations.

Source: Veeam Availability Suite at SoftwareReviews

The efficient storage offered through Nutanix combined with the Veeam backup and replication product provides protection for virtual, physical, and private cloud production environments.

Our Take

The partnership capitalizes on a larger phenomenon observed in the IT industry: the need to be agile. The rapid pace of change requires IT departments to scale up and down based on business-driven demand. Paired products can help relieve the stress around planning and provisioning appropriate resources to handle all the various aspects of maintaining a system throughout its lifecycle.

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