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Quest Software Expands Office 365 Backup Support With Its NetVault Backup v12.4 Release

Quest Software’s NetVault Backup v12.4 release adds support for OneDrive to its existing Office 365 (O365) backup capabilities, enabling its customers to better align backup strategy to business requirements, and helping Quest Software keep up with other O365 backup offerings.

Previous versions of NetVault Backup already supported O365 email/mailbox backup capability. This latest release adds the ability to backup and restore OneDrive files and folders. Quest Software is also planning to add support for O365 Active Directory and SharePoint Online later this year.

NetVault Backup v12.4 also adds support for SAP HANA and Nutanix AHV environments.

Our Take

If O365 data is critical to your organization, Info-Tech strongly recommends implementing a backup solution and not relying on Microsoft to ensure data protection.

Organizations are also recognizing this need and vendors are responding, as outlined in Info-Tech’s Enterprise Backup and Availability Market Trends and Buyer’s Guide.

Microsoft’s default backup implementation for O365 does not meet typical organizational requirements:

  • Microsoft backs up O365 to support its ability to provide service continuity (e.g. if there is a critical system failure in the O365 infrastructure), not to meet your organization’s backup requirements.

  • For users who delete emails or files (intentionally or accidentally), their backup is the Recycle Bin, which automatically empties after a period of time (see Overview of retention policies). Similarly, there is limited protection against file corruption or malicious attacks on your data.

  • Organizations have the option to place a hold on files to prevent automatic deletion (see In-Place Hold and Litigation Hold), but that does not provide the granularity, rapid restore, and flexibility expected from a backup solution. You can’t easily roll back a folder or mailbox to a previous point in time (e.g. in response to accidental deletion, data corruption, or ransomware attack).

NetVault Backup’s enhancements will improve its customers’ ability to meet their backup requirements for O365 while also helping Quest Software keep up with other backup vendors such as CommVault and Veeam who continue to expand their O365 backup capabilities.

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