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October 19, 2021

SoftwareReviews names Enonic, Concrete CMS, and Weebly among Digital Experience - Midmarket Emotional Footprint Award Winners.

SoftwareReviews Reveals 2021's Best Digital Experience Platforms
October 19, 2021 (TORONTO) -- SoftwareReviews, a leading source for insights on the software vendor landscape, has published its 2021 Emotional Footprint Awards for Digital Experience Platforms (DXP). Six DXP software vendors in the enterprise and mid-market spaces have been identified as gold medalists for 2021. 
DXPs are keystone applications for powering and optimizing next-generation web experiences. The DXPs recognized by SoftwareReviews for 2021 have received high scores on the Emotional Footprint Diamond, which is informed by meticulously verified survey data collected from real end-users.
The Net Emotional Footprint (NEF) of a software vendor is a result of aggregated emotional response ratings across the areas of service, negotiation, product impact, conflict resolution, strategy and innovation. The NEF is a powerful indicator of overall user feeling toward the vendor and its product from the software user’s point of view.
Software vendors with top user scores receive the Emotional Footprint Award.
The Enterprise Digital Experience Platform gold medalists for 2021 are as follows:
·        Kentico Xperience, +92 NEF, ranked high in many categories, including showing respect to its users and providing an exceptional service experience.
·        Progress Sitefinity, +90 NEF, gave users peace of mind with fair and honest conflict resolution.
·        Bloomreach, +85 NEF, exceeded user expectations in including product enhancement.
The Mid-Market Digital Experience Platform gold medalists for 2021 are as follows:
·        Concrete CMS, +91 NEF, ranked strongly for inspiring strategy and innovation by keeping pace with market direction and trends.
·        Enonic, +90 NEF, exceeded user expectations by continually improving users’ digital experience.
·        Weebly, +90 NEF, ranked highly for being generous during contract negotiation and saving time for the best service experience.
“Today’s consumers expect an increasing breadth of capabilities on a modern website, from customer portals for self-service to chatbots that steer them to the right resources quickly and effectively,” explains Ben Dickie, research analyst at Info-Tech Research Group. “The gold medalists of the The 2021 Emotional Footprint Awards for the DXP enterprise and mid-market spaces have proven that they support  consistent and compelling web experiences for users, a strategic priority for marketers in every organization.” 
Congratulations to the vendors selected as the top DXPs for 2021 by users. 
To learn more about SoftwareReviews and the Net Emotional Footprint surveys, visit www.softwarereviews.comand connect with us via LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

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