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Vivvo Delivers E-Services Platform CitizenOne

Canadian-based technology company Vivvo eyes government services as it launches e-services platform, CitizenOne.

At its core CitizenOne is an identity and access management product that validates citizen credentials using a form of 2FA and QR codes. The goal: create a centralized location for government services. The result: a single sign-on (SSO) solution that improves citizens’ experience and is backed by 2FA.

CitizenOne currently has multiple Canadian government partners including the City of Kingston and eHealth Saskatchewan.

Our Take

Despite CitzenOne’s 2FA, identity theft is a persistent consideration. An attacker with access to a citizen’s cellphone and specific personal information is able to login to the CitizenOne platform, gaining access to all of their personal data. SSO adds an additional concern – linked services expand accessible data.

A layer of biometric or email authentication could mitigate these concerns. Despite the security concerns, existing partners demonstrate a willingness for governments to continue their digital transformation.

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