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Micro Focus Aims to Simplify Windows and Linux IAM With Its New Offering, AD Bridge

Micro Focus’s new offering, AD Bridge, extends AD policies and account management to Linux machines, simplifying identity and access management (IAM) for organizations running both Windows and Linux.

AD does not natively extend its functionality to Linux machines. To work around this gap, organizations running Windows and Linux often use additional tools or configuration steps to bridge the gap. This can complicate AD management, introducing security risks and audit challenges.

AD Bridge, combined with Micro Focus’s existing IAM tools, provides a more-unified and consistent means of applying IAM across Windows and Linux environments. This includes:

  • Privileged account management
  • Delegation and administration
  • Group policy enforcement

The next release of AD Bridge, planned for this summer, is expected to extend AD authentication to additional platforms including:

  • Cloud-based services such as SaaS solutions
  • Containers
  • UNIX

Source: SoftwareReviews: Micro Focus Operations Bridge, Accessed July 18, 2019

Our Take

To get the full benefit of this product, you will need to leverage Micro Focus’s existing IAM solutions. For existing or potential Micro Focus customers, AD Bridge provides an opportunity to consolidate solutions and simplify IAM across multiple platforms.

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