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Krow Adds New Features to Improve Its Performance and Augment User Experience

Krow, a customer-centric professional services automation (PSA) solution, announced new features in its fall 2019 release. The Salesforce-native software, which builds long-term customer relationships for better service delivery and customer experience, has added the following features:

  • The new release includes expense management with Expensify integration. This improves working with approved expenses and includes taxes and multi-currency expenses.
  • Expanded Xero integration facilitates “vendor bills from approved expenses” in the updated version.
  • The recent release also has task constraints capabilities, including “as soon as possible,” “must start on,” “must finish on,” and “finish no later than.” These capabilities help service clients schedule and plan better.
  • The software now offers advanced capacity planning to track and report on supplies and demands for resource availability, which facilitates analysis and reporting.
  • Krow now offers hours-based task scheduling to schedule tasks for different days and times. Users can also add detailed tasks that need to be scheduled.
  • Some extra features were also added, such as page layouts, improvements on expense exchange rates, project templates, and enhanced timesheets.

Above: Services offered by Krow

Courtesy: Krow Software

In addition to these new features, Krow recently launched a free PSA solution for startups and small businesses. These companies can use Krow services such as client project management, onboarding, collaboration, expense tracking, and billing free-of-charge. The free software can be used for unlimited users, unlimited projects, and unlimited invoices at these companies.

Our Take

Now startups and small companies can leverage Krow’s features free of charge. However, you should pay the $15 per month fee if you want to use more advanced features such as project and client collaboration. You should always consider what your business requires. If you don’t need an advanced feature, save your money and use free features. Always consider what would be needed in your business and leverage third-party solutions accordingly.

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