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Coupa Set to Acquire Exari – CLM Market Consolidation Continues

Coupa, a leading source-to-pay (S2P) provider, announces planned acquisition of Exari, a leading CLM provider, for $215M in cash as contract lifecycle management (CLM) consolidation continues.

The Coupa acquisition of Exari closely follows the acquisition of SpringCM by Docusign in 2018 for $220M.

With 100+ vendors within the CLM market, Info-Tech Research Group has been predicting a consolidation wave to eventually occur to winnow out the weak players, combine niche functionality to create holistic solutions, and add CLM capabilities to the traditional procurement and spend analytic solutions in wide use today.

Our Take

Contracts are the core of the vast majority of commercial transactions, and the CLM market is exploding as organizations struggle with basic contract management processes.With a total addressable market (TAM) of over $7B, the CLM market is growing rapidly.If your organization is considering a CLM solution, it is imperative to map out the scenarios for prospective vendors business roadmaps to ensure a stable, long-term solution is acquired.

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