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Cerner EHR Partners With Uber to Improve Healthcare Logistics

Cerner is a major EHR vendor that works with 27,500 healthcare providers globally. Recently it has been forming partnerships with technology companies that are new to the healthcare space, including Amazon and Uber, as reported in Forbes.

Uber has recently spun up Uber Health to allow healthcare professionals to order rides for patients going to and from the care they need.

Uber Health will incorporate its APIs into the modules of Cerner’s EHR products. Users will not need to download a separate application.

BayCare Health System in Central Florida will be one of the first providers to use Cerner’s Uber Health integration. The health system is projected to coordinate over 22,000 rides by the end of the year.

Source: Cerner at Software Reviews, Report Published January 2019

Our Take

As emerging technology markets like rideshare and cloud computing become increasingly commoditized, technology companies will look to partner with vendors in other industries to continue growing and to maintain profitability. Thus, Cerner has found itself in a good position to take on partnerships with a wide range of organizations. These partnerships almost always result in greater functionality for the end user of the EHR products, which directly improves the quality of care offered by health care institutions.

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