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Home > Research > Expands Its Portfolio of AI-Powered As-a-Service Solutions With C3 Energy Management Expands Its Portfolio of AI-Powered As-a-Service Solutions With C3 Energy Management, a leading enterprise AI software provider (and a new venture by Tom Siebel of Siebel Systems), announced in October 2019 the launch of Smart Institutions, an AI-powered, holistic energy-as-a-service software solution for universities, municipalities, corporate campuses, and hospitals. This is a joint solution with ENGIE, a French multinational electric utility company.

Smart Institutions enables organizations to proactively and automatically manage their buildings and energy assets to increase sustainability, enhance energy efficiency, and decrease costs. It has been deployed at the Ohio State University Columbus campus with the goal to reduce energy use across its 485 buildings.

Smart Institutions is built on C3 Energy Management, an enterprise-scale SaaS that uses machine learning and advanced AI and optimization algorithms to model building operations, detect anomalies, predict opportunities for energy savings, and help facilities managers take action in near real time.

C3 Energy Management, in turn, is powered by the company’s C3 AI Suite platform for rapid development, deployment, and operationalization of large-scale AI applications.

Our Take

Solutions such as Smart Institutions and C3 Energy Management should make it easier for organizations to reap the benefits of machine learning and AI without a heavy investment in resources and skillsets required to build, train, and operate machine learning models.