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January 20, 2020

Software Reviews names Appian BPM Software, Nintex Promapp, and K2 BPM Software among Business Process Management Data Quadrant Award Winners.

SoftwareReviews, a division of world-class IT research and consulting firm Info-Tech Research Group, has published its 2020 Business Process Management (BPM) Software Data Quadrant Awards today, naming six gold medalists based on excellent customer reviews. The following vendors are leaders according to software users’ answers to questions focused on user satisfaction, which have been crafted by seasoned analysts and are backed by 22 years of IT research:

1. Appian BPM Software
2. Nintex Promapp
3. K2 BPM Software
4. FileMaker Platform
5. Agiloft BPM
6. OpenText AppWorks Platform

What makes the SoftwareReviews Data Quadrant Awards different? The inclusion of aggregated emotional response ratings in the areas of service, negotiation, product impact, conflict resolution, and strategy and innovation creates a powerful indicator of overall user feeling toward the vendor and its product from the software users’ point of view; SoftwareReviews calls this insight the Net Emotional Footprint.

The Net Emotional Footprint score for each vendor is based on standard net promoter scoring. The 2020 BPM vendor gold-medalist winners all received scores between +85 and +96.

Appian BPM Software did particularly well in vendor support, earning top product, with a score of +96. Nintex Promapp shone brightest in form and report building, with a score of +95 and top-product placement. K2 BPM Software was the favorite for product strategy and rate of improvement, taking the number-one spot at +83. FileMaker Platform earned the number-two spot for both knowledge and document management and workflow and approvals, with a score of +87 in each. Agiloft BPM ranked second in usability and intuitiveness, with a score of +85. OpenText AppWorks Platform took the number-one spot for availability and quality of training, with a score of +90.

What makes some vendors leaders, however, goes beyond just functions and capabilities. As Samuel Leese, senior research analyst at Info-Tech Research Group, explains, “We are seeing low-code BPM gradually take over the leading positions in the Data Quadrant. Low-code BPM’s ability to empower nontechnical users to make their own workflows has driven its popularity within industries such as manufacturing and retail. More complex BPM development platforms offer greater flexibility, but low-code BPM tools have positioned themselves as a more approachable entry point into the world of cross-application process automation.”

About SoftwareReviews Data Quadrant Awards and Software Reports

SoftwareReviews Data Quadrant Awards recognize outstanding vendors in the technology marketplace as evaluated by their users annually. Top vendors in a software category are eligible to receive Data Quadrant Gold Medals, provided their net promoter scores meet the threshold for sufficiently high user satisfaction across four areas of evaluation: vendor capabilities, product features, likeliness to recommend, and vendor experience. In-depth product evaluation reports are available at

About SoftwareReviews

SoftwareReviews is a division of Info-Tech Research Group, a world-class IT research and consulting firm established in 1997. Backed by two decades of IT research and advisory experience, SoftwareReviews is a leading source of expertise and insight into the enterprise software landscape and client-vendor relationships.

By collecting real data from IT and business professionals, the SoftwareReviews methodology produces the most detailed and authentic insights into the experience of evaluating and purchasing enterprise software.

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