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Nymity’s Research & Alerts Receive Revamp

Privacy solution Nymity expands its product offering with the introduction of Next Generation Research & Alerts.

Nymity, an established privacy software provider, has launched three new solutions aimed at easing the effort of regulatory compliance. The solutions were launched in late April 2019:

  • Next Generation Research & Alerts
  • An Awareness Tracker Solution
  • Enhanced Data Subject Requests Solution

Next Generation Research & Alerts are layered on top of Nymity’s leading privacy research platform. Now, privacy professionals no longer need to search for topics, regions, or regulations and instead receive sophisticated alerts and push reporting. This is a welcome change as the previous solution required manual searching, investigation, and synthetization. Additionally, existing features such as The Breach Index, GDPR Monitor, and CCPA Monitor have been strengthened.

Following this announcement, many competitors in the GDPR compliance and privacy software categories will be interested in refining their service offerings.

Source: GDPR Compliance, Report Published May 2019

Our Take

Nymity’s product strength is its foundation of research. Established in 2002, the organization has been leading privacy research for over a decade. With the enhanced map visuals and push features Nymity may surpass competitors that established their products with these types of visuals but lack a research base.

Many privacy professionals are interested in a product that does a few critical things:

  • Supports their need for in-depth legal guidance.
  • Visualizes their global privacy risk.
  • Provides alerts on the need-to-know regulatory changes.

Nymity now has the capabilities to satisfy all of these requirements. Additionally, the new visuals may attract potential customers who are new to privacy and less interested in in-depth legal guidance.

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