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Moodle Releases Update Removing Ability to Post to

Moodle, an open-source Education LMS, released an update on Sept. 9, that removes the ability to share courses on as well as removing the community finder block. This is in anticipation of the relaunch of in November 2019.

Present content on will be archived. The new version of has been in alpha testing since January 2019. According to the site, the new aims to be an open social media platform for educators focused on collaboratively curating collections of open content.

The release also contains:

  • Bug fixes
  • Security fixes and improvements
  • Analytics changes that require sites using Python ML on their backend to upgrade their python package installer to version 1.0.1

Source: Moodle at SoftwareReviews, Report Published January 2019

Our Take

Moodle’s competitive advantage is the fact that it’s open source. Collaboration tools to share course content and best practices are an integral feature to its platform. Although the majority of lesson plans have been set for the current term, it will be interesting to see if the improvements to the sharing site will be worth shutting down the site right at the beginning of a new school year for the majority of the fall term.