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JazzHR Partners With Planted, Inc.

JazzHR, an application tracking solution provider, and Planted, Inc., a smart career platform, have partnered to streamline the recruiting process for mutual customers.

Planted, Inc. is a career platform that helps match non-technical job seekers with businesses and recruiters. It speeds up the sourcing process by maintaining a network of business professionals that recruiters can readily filter to obtain a curated shortlist of candidates.

JazzHR is a comprehensive applicant tracking solution provider, covering the hiring process from initial sourcing to final offer, with reporting and analytics capabilities. JazzHR currently holds a composite score of 8.5 and an emotional footprint of +93 on SoftwareReviews (Accessed February 10, 2020).

The partnership with Planted augments JazzHR's existing sourcing capabilities by enabling mutual customers to bring data on Planted candidates directly into the JazzHR platform for further tracking.

We have seen multiple partnerships emerge so far between providers focusing on different aspects of the hiring process, in an effort to improve the user experience. When basic feature expectations are met, as in the case of high-scoring software like JazzHR, candidate and user experience become significant next-step differentiators. Experience is one of the key human benefits outlined in Info-Tech's 2020 IT Talent Trend Report and is an important consideration for both recruiters and job applicants.

Our Take

JazzHR and Planted have partnered to streamline user experience for mutual customers.

This is the most recent in a series of partnerships in the recruiting space aimed at consolidating applicant data into a single platform.

Integrations like this have a strong impact on both candidate and recruiter experience, which is one of the three key human benefits identified by Info-Tech.

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