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Blueprint Software Bridges the Gap in Compliance Requirements

One of the biggest challenges teams in highly regulated industries face is tracking and enforcing regulatory policies across products, services, and processes. Often these constraints are discovered during testing or release when the cost to make changes is great.

Blueprint Software Systems has made regulatory compliance easier for financial institutions. In a blog post by Tony Higgins, Blueprint announced its partnership with to provide integrated regulatory content within its software and team projects. This integration provides organizations with direct access to current regulations and updates.

With Blueprint’s impact assessment tool, teams can quickly determine the impact of regulatory changes and updates needed. Organizations can trace regulations to their internal controls and compliance policies to product requirements rather than worrying about how the regulations should be implemented.

Our Take

Reusable requirements not only save time but also are an easy way to ensure compliance and consistency across the enterprise and multiple product domains.

Use the trace and impact assessment features in your requirements management platform to quickly identify standard requirements that apply to the product and determine the impact when a standard requirement changes.

Consider building out standard requirements for system performance, support service level agreements (SLAs), security, policy compliance, regulations, business continuity and disaster recovery, records retention, user and data volumetrics, anticipated usage times, and maintenance windows.

Want to Know More?

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