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Appian BPM and Twillio Double Down on Contact Centers

Appian, a major player business process management (BPM) space, has established a partnership with Twilio, a provider of cloud-based communications technology. Appian plans to integrate Twilio’s communications platform into Appian’s own contact center solution, Intelligent Contact Center (ICC).

  • Appian will be bundling Twilio’s cloud communication platform services into the software license for ICC.
  • The goal of the partnership is to enable Appian users to get a full picture of the customer more quickly.
  • The Twilio integration also boosts Appian’s omnichannel capabilities. It will enable contact center representatives to communicate on the customer’s channel of preference.

Source: Appian at SoftwareReviews

Source: Twilio at SoftwareReviews

Our Take

  • Historically speaking, this partnership is unexpected. Rarely do we see BPM providers put such an emphasis on communications technology. However, both Appian and Twillio’s strong emotional footprints, with +94 and +91 respectively, indicate that they have a focus on ease of use for end-users. Appian’s low-code development platform for BPM puts significant emphasis on user friendliness and low user-ramp up times, which meshes well with Twillio’s focus on easy-to-use APIs for adding voice, video, and messaging capabilities to applications.
  • It is a boon to have a communication’s technology providers like Twilio included in the license, for organizations looking to add BPM technology to their contact centers.

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