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What is Ingeniux CMS?

Whether your goal is managing complex websites, targeting content for global markets, or automating web marketing, Ingeniux is the smart solution

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Ingeniux CMS Ratings

Real user data aggregated to summarize the product performance and customer experience.
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79 Likeliness to Recommend

100 Plan to Renew

85 Satisfaction of Cost Relative to Value

Emotional Footprint Overview

+80 Net Emotional Footprint

The emotional sentiment held by end users of the software based on their experience with the vendor. Responses are captured on an eight-point scale.

How much do users love Ingeniux CMS?

6% Negative
10% Neutral
84% Positive


  • Reliable
  • Appreciates Incumbent Status
  • Fair
  • Efficient Service

Feature Ratings

Average 82

Content Repository


Analytics and Reporting


Translation Facilitation


Management Interface


Social Media Integration


Content Security


Multi Channel Support


Digital Asset Management


Web Publishing Capabilities


E-Commerce Integration


Standard Templates


Vendor Capability Ratings

Average 78

Ease of IT Administration


Quality of Features


Product Strategy and Rate of Improvement


Ease of Customization


Business Value Created


Ease of Implementation


Availability and Quality of Training


Usability and Intuitiveness


Breadth of Features


Vendor Support


Ease of Data Integration


Ingeniux CMS Reviews

Faith-Astúa C.

  • Role: Student or Academic
  • Industry: Education
  • Involvement: End User of Application
Validated Review
Verified Reviewer

Submitted Aug 2022

Maintain a timely digital experience.

Likeliness to Recommend

10 / 10

What differentiates Ingeniux CMS from other similar products?

We have worked with Ingeniux as partners for more than 13 years and have used several versions of their content management system. Multiple lines of business can upload and change their material thanks to the ability to provide user roles and permissions. There is no "funnel" that lines of business must follow to maintain timely and relevant information.

What is your favorite aspect of this product?

We need a very effective method of managing and updating the website as well as a flexible web presence to accommodate shifting demands from campus partners. With both, Ingeniux has been helpful. We have strategy meetings with department chairmen and other stakeholders to plan around major efforts, a web triage mechanism to manage smaller content changes from campus, and a few skilled partners on campus who can make their modifications.

What do you dislike most about this product?

The ordering of the associations inside the taxonomy is crucial since it determines how certain aspects of our website work. Although there are workarounds, it would be great to have a more powerful out-of-the-box functionality for arranging taxonomy.

What recommendations would you give to someone considering this product?

The concept of "components" is the nicest thing about the Ingeniux CMS. To cut down on redundancy and provide consistency across the site, certain bits of data can be reused on other pages. Additionally, access down the page levels may be set up using user permissions. When managing a large site with several content managers, this is quite helpful.


  • Helps Innovate
  • Continually Improving Product
  • Reliable
  • Performance Enhancing

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