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September 20, 2022

The Top Master Data Management Software Providers to Improve Data Consistency This Year, According to SoftwareReviews’ User Data

(TORONTO) September 20, 2022-- SoftwareReviews, a leading source for insights on the software provider landscape, has published its 2022 Master Data Management Emotional Footprint, identifying six providers as Champions.
Master data management (MDM) is a technology-enabled process that helps create a consistent approach to a centralized repository, which will act as the single source of truth for master and reference data. This single source is also commonly known as “the golden record.” The management piece of MDM has evolved significantly, and in 2022, there has been a great emphasis on automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, which is now being used for automating content management and improving data quality. 
To support organizations considering which MDM software to invest in this year, SoftwareReviews has identified the top software providers to consider. These insights are based on verified survey data collected from 358 end-user reviews. The top providers have received high scores on SoftwareReviews’ Emotional Footprint. 
The Net Emotional Footprint (NEF) of each software provider is a result of aggregated emotional response ratings across the areas of service, negotiation, product impact, conflict resolution, strategy, and innovation. The NEF is a powerful indicator of overall user sentiment toward the provider and its product from the software user’s point of view.
The 2022 Master Data Management Software Champions are as follows:
·         ChainSys Smart Data Platform, 97 NEF, ranked high for being effective.  


·         Viamedici EPIM, 96 NEF, ranked high for being efficient.

·         Ataccama ONE Platform, 98 NEF, ranked high for saving time.

·         PiLog MDRM, 91 NEF, ranked high for being respectful.

·         Semarchy xDM, 91 NEF, ranked high for helping innovate.  

·         Dell Boomi, 89 NEF, ranked high for being resourceful. 



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