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June 8, 2023

SoftwareReviews Reveals the Top ESG Software Solutions That Enable Organizations to Build a Culture of Purpose and Sustainability

SoftwareReviews' latest Data Quadrant highlights the top-rated Environmental, Social, and Governance Reporting software solutions that users ranked best to help build a culture of sustainability, responsibility, and governance.

TORONTO, June 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ - SoftwareReviews, a leading source for insights on the software provider landscape, has revealed its new 2023 Environmental, Social, Governance Reporting Data Quadrant Report, highlighting the top four ESG experience management solutions in the enterprise and midmarket spaces for the year.

SoftwareReviews’ latest Data Quadrant highlights the top-rated Environmental, Social, and Governance Reporting software solutions that users ranked best to help build a culture of sustainability, responsibility, and governance. (CNW Group/SoftwareReviews)
Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting solutions are instrumental for organizations looking to intrinsically manage and measure their performance and potential impacts and risks in areas related to sustainability, social responsibility, and corporate governance. This software can provide tools and functionalities to track, analyze, and report on various ESG metrics and indicators.

"To adapt more purpose-driven ESG objectives and to prepare for upcoming stringent mandatory ESG reporting requirements, it is fundamentally important that organizations strive to create a holistic ESG-awareness culture that permeates across the corporate environment," explains Yaz Palanichamy, Senior Advisory Analyst, Info-Tech Research Group and SoftwareReviews. "By creating this type of culture where ESG awareness is integrated into everyday operations, organizations can achieve their ESG targets in a way that is viewed as 'business as usual' within the organization, and without encountering skepticism or hesitancy in its implementation."

ESG reporting platforms are invaluable tools for organizations across various industry sectors. ESG technology providers play a crucial role in supplying the necessary reporting metrics that cater to the needs of consumers, shareholders, and other interested business entities and corporate units alike. To these groups, these metrics are essential for assessing and prioritizing ESG factors as part of their preliminary and ongoing investment decisions. Therefore, ESG remains an increasingly important topic as organizations work to improve transparency and understanding of their internal operational activities.  

SoftwareReviews' survey data from 158 end-user reviews was recently used to identify the top ESG software providers for 2023. These insights will support organizations seeking to streamline their ESG strategies. The leading enterprise and midmarket providers in the firm's Data Quadrant have been identified as Gold Medalists for their excellence in the space, based on high scores from user feedback.

Providers are ranked by a composite satisfaction score, called a Composite Score (CS), that averages four different areas of evaluation: Net Emotional Footprint, Vendor Capabilities, Product Features, and Likeliness to Recommend.

The 2023 Environmental, Social, Governance Software Gold Medalists are as follows:

  • Emitwise, 9.2, ranked high for customer support.
  • EHS Insight, 9.1, ranked high for ease of integration.
  • FigBytes, 9.0, ranked high for business value creation.
  • EnergyCAP, 8.7, ranked high for its breadth of features.
User assessments of software categories on SoftwareReviews provide an accurate and detailed view of the constantly changing market. SoftwareReviews' reports are informed by data from users and IT professionals who have intimate experience with the software throughout the procurement, implementation, and maintenance processes.

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