Digital Sales Room Software

Digital Sales Room

What is Digital Sales Room Software?

Digital sales room software provide customer-facing digital portals that can be used to share relevant marketing content, inquire in personal chat rooms with clients about any constituent facing/sales requests, craft any custom proposals with prospective buyers, and so on. Typically, these digital portals can be viewed as "microsites" where sales reps, buyers, and prospects alike can collaborate in real time. Some digital sales room software can help explicitly execute a deal with e-signature and proposal capabilities, while other prepackaged digital sales room software suites focus more on digital spaces in sharing any relevant marketing content that can help expedite the process on deal closures/renewals. As such, digital sales room solutions also interface natively with proposal software and/or e-signature software applications.

Common Features

  • Customer-Facing Digital Portal
  • Sales Content Management/Content Hosting
  • e-Signature Functions
  • Proposal Management
  • CPQ - Configure, Price, Quote Analysis
  • Collaborative Deal Nurturing
  • Interoperability Capabilities
  • Integrated Analytics and Tracking
  • Advanced UI/ Browsing Experience
  • Compliance With Industry Security Standards

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