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Zecurion DLP 10 New Features: User Behavior Analytics

Among the full set of features available in Zecurion’s new data loss prevention (DLP) product is the ability to perform user behavior analytics (UBA) to help spot data loss events before they occur.

Zecurion DLP 10’s UBA module categorizes users’ behavior into eight different reaction types and creates a visual diagram showing employees’ insider-threat risk.

This use of UBA technology follows a growing trend in which data loss prevention software is merging with other forms of data protection software, such data discovery and classification options. UBA repositions DLP software as a frontline option in helping to reduce the number of data loss-related events, from its previous position as the last line of defense that attempts to stop inappropriate data exchange at the time of the event.

Source: SoftwareReviews, Accessed May 22, 2020

Our Take

Including UBA within a DLP platform boosts the software’s capacity to do its job. This is a step forward as DLP software is notoriously difficult to deploy because it hinges on an operational data classification program and supporting apparatuses and, even then, acts as a last line of defense. UBA helps to create a more holistic, software-based DLP strategy by positioning that technology to intervene in the both the early and late stages. However, users should be mindful that this earlier intervention, like the latter one, is not immune to false positives and has several issues around privacy and employee morale that should be considered in the process of selecting and moving to implement the software solution.

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