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Tenable Launches Free Tool to Educate New Cybersecurity Professionals

Nessus Essentials is the latest tool launched by Tenable, but instead of selling to the enterprise, it is targeting individuals who want to learn more about security. This will replace the previous free version, Nessus Home. As Tenable mentions in its press release, it is “designed to be used by students, professors and people who are starting their cybersecurity careers, helping the next generation to quickly and easily master vulnerability assessment and hone their skills.” For those that have never used a Nessus product in the past, this can be an opportunity to become familiar with basic vulnerability management functionality such as scanning.

Our Take

Nessus Essentials will be appealing to anyone new to vulnerability management and some of the skills needed. While it promotes the building of basic skills, it does not truly reflect full vulnerability management across the enterprise. There is a much larger scope to consider while determining how to remediate vulnerabilities without disrupting the business. Much of this will be baked into a formal management program, which moves away from tools alone and speaks more formally to process.

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