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Symantec Helps Defend Against Fake Apps With Real DLP

Fake apps that look real have been on the rise lately as a means of stealing sensitive data. However, Symantec has sought to defend against this technique with its Threat Aware Data Protection DLP product.

Source: Symantec DLP at Software Reviews

This product combines DLP and endpoint protection to help curb these malicious apps’ ability to quietly steal sensitive data from unsuspecting users’ desktops. Moreover, Symantec claims Threat Aware is effective without slowing down end-user experience and thus their productivity.

Our Take

Fake apps can be difficult to defend against, given that they so often look like the product they are posing as. Thus, Symantec’s offering may be worth a look for any organization that uses third-party apps for photo and video editing tools, as this category has a high number of fake apps circulating about.