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SentinelOne Partners With Pax8 to Offer Endpoint Security Services

Pax8 partners with SentinelOne to offer its clientele endpoint security protection capable of preventing, detecting, and responding to cyberattacks.

Pax8 is a cloud distributor for managed service providers (MSPs), and consolidates cloud-based partner vendors into a unified console to simplify the management of multiple cloud solutions. This move is a strategic one for Pax8 as SentinelOne is one of the few endpoint security platforms offering both endpoint protection (EPP) and endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities into a single agent. Ryan Walsh, chief channel officer at Pax8, expresses that the partnership will “ensure their clients’ data is protected end-to-end.”

Equally excited by the partnership, Nicholas Warner, chief operating officer at SentinelOne, explains, “The partnership with Pax8 is a great match for SentinelOne, and it will enable us to expand our reach to more than 7,000 MSPs. Pax8’s advanced technology marketplace and billing expertise pairs a great partner experience to SentinelOne’s world-class autonomous security products. We look forward to the explosive growth, together.”

Our Take

Seeing as proper endpoint security continues to be an area of concern, particularly in light of the rising number of mobile devices having access to sensitive data, adding SentinelOne to Pax8’s flagship is a wise one. This partnership not only adds diversity to the endpoint security vendors Pax8 currently works with (e.g. Symantec, WEBROOT), but it also offers their clientele a vendor that includes a SentinelOne Ransomware Warranty – something not all EPP players offer. While Pax8’s partnerships in the endpoint security realm is limited, my hope is that it continues to actively seek more vendor partnerships in the EPP and EDR space so that its clients have more options to choose from.

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