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Sakai 2019

Sakai has recently launched its 2019 version, which includes many new features that target areas like communication and collaboration tools and facilitate content creation and delivery. The Sakai learning management software includes a community of users that provides constant feedback to enhance and better the product.

Some of the specific enhancements include:

  • Simplified and responsive landing page, making it suitable for mobile use
  • More options for setting reminders
  • Improvements with grading workflows and analytics
  • Ability for faculty to incorporate their own content to use in assignments and tests

Apereo is an organization that collaborates with other educational organizations around the world with the mission to create open-source software to support teaching and learning.

Source: SoftwareReviews Product Scorecard, Accessed July 31, 2019.

Our Take

This is another example that open source is alive and well, and the work that the Apereo group is taking on is ready to compete head to head with any of the commercial packages in this arena.

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