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Qualys and Ivanti Partnership Boasts an Incredibly Robust Vulnerability Management Platform

Qualys VMDR and Ivanti have announced a new partnership dedicated to improving the detection and patching of vulnerabilities. Announced July 30, the Qualys and Ivanti Partnership has already gone live as an integrated component of the VMDR solution. Ivanti, known for the automation of security operations and discovery of assets of the network, lends its expertise to the Qualys platform. Of note, the partnership will allow Qualys customers to begin patching MacOS systems as well as additional third-party Mac applications directly through Qualys VMDR.

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While Qualys’ VMDR previously offered patching and remediation, it was limited in scope. The new partnership will add Ivanti Patch Management to help improve the automation and remediation process. This will allow for VMDR clients to rapidly detect vulnerabilities wherever they are on the network in tandem with the Mac-capable patching options. Currently, the VMDR solution contains Microsoft patch coverage for Microsoft Office, security, and non-security content.

Our Take

The Qualys partnership creates a powerhouse of a vulnerability management platform. Ivanti already boasts one of the most extensive patch catalogs, as it claims to secure over 180 million endpoints globally. When combined with the Qualys VMDR program, the ability to patch and secure a network is impressive.

Many vulnerability management platforms seek to integrate more patch management and remediation into their offerings as the two often complement one another. However, the competitive advantage would dictate that it is better to specialize in one area rather than taking the route of a generalist and stretch yourself too thin. By partnering with Ivanti, both Ivanti and Qualys can leverage their strengths and rely on their other half make up any deficits in their offerings. The relationship results in only positives – for Ivanti, for Qualys, and most importantly, for the users who are trying to secure their networks.

Increasingly, strategic partnerships like this give a more comprehensive security overview and leverage specialized expertise rather than going it alone. Additionally, vulnerability management is not being considered as a single entity but as a convergence of both detection and remediation.

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