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Oprah, Reese Witherspoon, and Video Games: Coming to a Corporate-Owned Apple Device Near You

Several new consumer services were announced at the Apple Event on March 25, 2019. How will you approach these offerings on corporate-owned Apple devices?

At the Apple Event, Tim Cook and team announced these new services:

  • Apple News+: mobile device-based newspaper and magazine reading in the US and Canada (En/Fr)
  • Apple Card and Apple Cash: an iPhone-based credit card and checking account, respectively, that is accepted wherever Apple Pay is accepted (coming this summer to the US)
  • Apple Arcade: a game subscription service for iOS, Macs, and Apple TV (coming worldwide this fall)
  • Apple TV Channels: an ad-free television and movie service with an improved Siri integration and recommendation engine (available in May on select Smart TVs, Roku, fireTV, iOS, Apple TV, and Macs)
  • Apple TV+: an ad-free subscription service of Apple-produced TV shows (coming this fall)

Our Take

This really opens a whole new world of disruption for enterprise IT – BYOE (entertainment) – and it will be as disruptive as BYOD was in 2010.”
– Mark Tauschek, VP Research (Infrastructure & Operations), Info-Tech Research Group

These services are consumer services. Enterprise IT needs to care because people will want to access these services on your networks and with your devices. You need to start considering answers to these policy questions:

  • Can users subscribe to Apple News+, Apple Arcade, and Apple TV+ on their corporate-issued devices?
  • Can people use Apple Pay, Card, and Cash on corporate-issued iPhones?
  • How will people be able to use their personal Apple services on corporate-issued devices?
  • How much space and network capacity can be used for downloaded magazines, games, tv shows, and movies?
  • How much corporate-provided cellular service can be used on these services?

An answer of “no” and “none” will not suffice. People want to only carry one device with them – let them use these services, even if it means budgeting more on cellular data.

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