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Nymity Adds Data Subject Requests to Its List of Solutions

Nymity expands its product offering with the introduction of a new Data Subject Requests product.

Nymity, an established privacy software provider, has launched three new solutions aimed at easing the effort of regulatory compliance. The solutions were launched in late April 2019:

  • Enhanced Data Subject Requests solution
  • An Awareness Tracker solution
  • Next Generation Research & Alerts

Enhanced Data Subject Requests (DSR) solution ensures that privacy professionals can reduce their manual response requirements and can begin automating request responses.

DSR research was previously an established offering on Nymity’s platform. However, as other privacy solutions continue to expand their DSR response products, Nymity is interested in leveraging its research to provide similar solutions. Now, reconfigured response templates help ease the effort to respond to DSR, and Nymity’s research team contextualizes legal requirements and provides legal annotations via Compliance Panel.

Following this announcement, many competitors in the GDPR Compliance and Privacy Software categories will be interested in refining their service offerings.

Source: SoftwareReviews GDPR Compliance, Report Published May 2019

Our Take

Data Subject Request support is a standard feature for all privacy software solutions. With DSR request requirements in over 115 countries, many organizations need an easy-to-use solution that helps support the abundance of requests they receive. Nymity can provide DSR response as a cherry on top of its other effective products and features. Alternatively, for up-and-coming privacy products, DSR support is an initial selling feature that may draw business from Nymity.

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