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MEDITECH Successfully Completes Its First Virtual EHR Implementation

COVID-19 has disrupted critical healthcare projects and implementation plans. Despite the considerable challenges faced by many healthcare organizations, MEDITECH has been working with them to shift to virtual EHR implementations.

Cayuga Medical Center, located in Ithaca, New York, was working with MEDITECH to finish its implementation of MEDITECH Expanse when COVID-19 hit. Cayuga had to decide whether to push forward or halt the project. After carefully considering all options, it chose to complete the project. Driving the decision was the expense in delaying the project and forgoing the potential benefits of using the new system. Fortunately, Cayuga did not have an increase in COVID-19 patients and the team was able to complete the project by using a combination of teleconference calls, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams meetings with the MEDITECH support team.

Source: MEDITECH at SoftwareReviews, Report Published June 2020.

Our Take

Healthcare CIOs will have to consider moving forward with remote implementations of critical infrastructure projects. MEDITECH is one vendor that is learning lessons from its first virtual implementation. Although this specific implementation was executed virtually, MEDITECH noted that the best path forward for implementations is, where possible, a combination of virtual and in-person training to provide the most efficient and customer-centric experience.

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