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Mavenlink Helps With Work-Life Balance, Assuming Leadership Plays Along

Mavenlink has started to reveal the results of its recent Future of Work survey, with the full report due sometime this year. The current headline screams, “Sixty-Two Percent of Workers Feel Work/Life Balance Is Most Important for a Company Culture That Fosters Success.” While Mavenlink’s November 6, 2019, press release doesn’t map the findings back to the software itself, we’ll fill in one of the gaps: Mavenlink can help with your work-life balance, assuming that your leadership decides to play along.

Mavenlink offers a reasonably full-featured collaboration suite for a project-driven organization. A sneak peek at its soon-to-be-released survey findings reveals the responses to “What makes a work culture that engenders success?”:

  • Work-life balance (62%)
  • Team-building activities (34%)
  • Continuous learning (30%)
  • Collaborative environment (27%)

The press release goes on to point out some generational differences in these responses, along with highlighting some other topics like training, retention, and flexibility.

We anticipate that the next few months will reveal how the software contributes to better resourcing outcomes, but this release misses an opportunity to treat all those eyeballs to helpful tips. After all, the work-life balance sentiment is dominant.

As a work and resource management environment, Mavenlink offers leadership a crystal-clear view of workloads. They can choose to flood the system with demand, or they can choose to reconcile the imbalance between supply and demand. Or, perhaps the people themselves can simply choose to accept only the amount of demand they can handle. The latter option sounds wonderful, but I think it’s a bit fanciful since our current climate has demand outpacing supply virtually everywhere we look.

No, it’s up to the leadership to ensure that Mavenlink helps with work-life balance.

Source: Mavenlink at SoftwareReviews, Accessed January 2020

Our Take

The suggestion that work-life balance is the most popular piece of organizational culture to engender success makes perfect sense to our research practice. We look forward to hearing more about how Mavenlink promotes this balance, but we’re pretty sure the one essential ingredient is management’s desire to do so.

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