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Malwarebytes Launches OneView for Managed Service Providers

As of April 2019, Malwarebytes’ endpoint detection and response technology will be available to most global managed service providers (MSPs).

Malwarebytes is a top-rated vendor in Endpoint Protection at

MSPs can leverage OneView, Malwarebytes’ simple, user-friendly, cloud-based console for client management, to enhance the security posture of their customers while reducing operational overhead.

Our Take

Malwarebytes’ entrance into the MSP landscape is a timely and smart move that aligns with market demand. Based on a report from MarketsandMarkets, it is expected that the managed service market will grow from US$180.5 billion in 2018 to US$282.0 billion by 2023.

This large growth is driven by businesses’ dependence on IT technologies to increase productivity and by the demand for cloud-based managed services. Malwarebytes’ extending its services to include MSPs allows clients more flexibility in how they deploy and manage their endpoint security.

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