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LogicGate GRC

LogicGate is a governance, risk and compliance automation platform offered by LogicGate Inc., headquartered in Chicago, that helps organizations to automate their risk management processes.

The solution is an evolution of experiences in the management and consultant space where it was recognized that a nimbler approach to GRC solutions was required.

In a quick chat with Alex Lizen of LogicGate, its foundational graph database architecture is a key feature of the solution in addition to the flexibility of the platform. This feature allows the target organization to customize their journey as their needs evolve. This allows the client to start and focus on a key area of their governance, risk, or compliance requirements and add to the environment as needed without the restrictions of a traditional relational database platform. The solution is designed with vignettes out of the box that you can use to quickly select a model that will work for you.

The organization has around 120 employees with 150 clients and is AWS hosted with hosting available in the UK, US, and EU as needed.

Source: Interview Alex Lizen, LogicGate, June 2020

Our Take

As the need to understand more closely, monitor, manage, and respond to risk and compliance needs evolves, it is important that you select a tool that adapts and evolves in tandem with your program. Review the flexibility and comprehensiveness of the solution, ensuring that you can leverage existing solutions to maximize investment and adoption such as with your incident response and tracking systems.

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