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iCEDQ Releases Enhanced Features to Address Today’s Data Migration Challenges

iCEDQ is an automated testing tool of ETL, data warehouse, and data migration with the added capability to monitor production data. iCEDQ recently released a new version of its tool that makes it easier to complete and communicate testing.

Organizations make significant investments in the creation of the assets and environments necessary to execute automated testing. iCEDQ is designed to provide the necessary ETL testing and data migration platform that was often too costly or complicated to prepare and support. It contains many of the core features found in other QA tools (such as reporting and scripting), but it lacks the test case management capabilities commonly found in other comprehensive testing suites, such as Parasoft and Micro Focus, which are needed for end-to-end traceability and continuous delivery.

Torana Inc. (the provider of iCEDQ) is making significant strides to expand the functional capabilities to differentiate itself from its competitors (e.g. QuerySurge, Informatica, QualiDI, Datagaps) and support today’s data migration testing and reporting challenges:

  • iReport module – Canned report templates that can be modified.
  • BI Report Testing module – Ability to validate individual reports and specific reports in a dashboard and compare reports with a database or files.
  • iCEDQ Big Data Edition – Ability to test the migration to Hadoop or other big data environments.
  • UX enhancements – Modernize the iCEDQ’s UI to make it more business user-friendly and secure with HTML5.

iCEDQ is just one small piece of the larger QA and application lifecycle management (ALM) picture and its implementation should be made with this picture in mind.

Our Take

Organizations often omit data migration and transactional processes within their testing suite due to their focus on functional and system performance requirements. iCEDQ helps alleviate this gap by providing the automation and support capabilities needed to verify and validate data migration and warehousing needs. However, the real value of iCEDQ is dependent on its integration with third-party ALM and QA tools for management and broader delivery orchestration, which is currently limited.

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