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GTB Technologies Adds Multi-Tenancy to DLP SDK

GTB Technologies, a smaller vendor known for dedicating itself solely to data loss prevention (DLP) solutions, has introduced a new multi-tenancy feature for its SDK that aims to improve quality and efficiency for DLP-integrated application development.

On July 1, 2020, GTB released the new multi-tenancy feature (aimed at the MSPs, OEMs and SaaS clients) to allow multiple endpoints (1 GB of bandwidth each) to make use of the solution to scan their work, receiving a report of the most relevant electronically stored information within the project. This feature is intended to provide “accelerated data collection and review times resulting in a substantial reduction of costs,” which helps to streamline the whole process.


Our Take

DLP software development kits are not a particularly common offering among vendors in this space, so this move from GTB to increase the availability and usability of such products is significant. This is especially true because it gestures towards a future in which DLP efforts take place on two fronts – that of the vendor and the consumer.

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