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Commvault Adds Support for AWS Deep Glacier Cold Storage Platform

In a move to support customer migration from offsite tape cold storage to offsite cloud, Commvault now targets AWS Deep Glacier.

Commvault will be making the feature available in version 11, service pack 15 release in April. As customers move away from tape and look to the cloud to store their archive data, Commvault has decided to join into the fray by providing support for it in its Complete™ Backup and Recovery product. This is a trend that we should expect to see more often as customers adopt new ways of protecting their data.

Our Take

Traditional purveyors of on-premises backup solutions will need to adopt the cloud as an endpoint for most, if not all, of their data protection solutions. They will have to be flexible when choosing endpoints. As cloud data protection becomes mainstream, large vendors like Commvault will need to adapt quickly to changing customer behavior.

The customer world will adapt quickly to its needs and if traditional vendors lag on any feature, they will be left behind. Gone are the days when development cycles could take a year or two to introduce new features. Consumers cannot and will not wait that long for what they deem necessary for their business needs.

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