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CollabNet VersionOne Acquired by TPG

TPG Capital announced Sept. 4, that it acquired CollabNet VersionOne from Vector Capital.

Like many software companies, VersionOne is no stranger to mergers and acquisitions. Just two years ago, the platform provider for Agile planning, DevOps, and value stream management (VSM) merged with CollabNet.

TPG's aim is to build "a leading, integrated, enterprise-focused DevOps platform company," according to a Collab press release. TPG saw smaller vendors addressing various fragments of the DevOps space and acquired CollabNet VersionOne to serve as its first step in creating a holistic offering. “As large companies across industries continue to prioritize in-house software development and digital transformation initiatives, we see a compelling opportunity to build an integrated DevOps company focused on larger enterprises” said Nehal Raj and Art Heidrich of TPG in a press release.

In August, CollabNet introduced new functionalityto facilitate its customers' ability to integrate Agile planning and management, DevOps, and software delivery into an integrated workflow that supports VSM. It sees bridging Agile & DevOps initiatives as key so that deliveries create a better value for the business.

Our Take

When new companies change the product roadmap and landscape, this can cause a risk to existing customers. As TPG sees this acquisition as a first step in a broader strategy to build an integrated DevOps company, its strategy implies that the new company's objectives are aligned to customer needs and future strategies. We suggest keeping a close eye on VersionOne for new features and changes as the two companies align and refine their strategy.

Source: VersionOne at SoftwareReviews, Accessed September 2019

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