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Canvas Launches Plagiarism Detection Tool

Canvas has partnered with Proctorio to introduce two new plagiarism detection tools: Proctorio’s Original Verification and WebSweep. Proctorio is a learning integrity platform that protects academic integrity in test environments and develops technologies to support innovation in education.

  • Proctorio’s Original Verification – allows students to scan their test work for likenesses across the web so they can check the originality of their work.
  • WebSweep – allows instructors to scan questions from assessments and flags them if a similar question is found online.

These tools were introduced at InstructureCon, Canvas’ educational conference.

Source: Canvas at SoftwareReviews, Date Accessed: August 14, 2019

Our Take

Academy integrity is necessary to first-class learning and education. It is getting harder for students to ensure their work doesn’t end up online and for professors to keep their tests and assignments off the internet. Integrated plagiarism detection tools are a differentiating feature for educational LMS platforms and stop the reliance on third-party apps such as Turnitin.